Playable Races

Here is the list of playable races:

The Banxili – A race of warrior artisans who have always sought philosophical balance with themselves and the universe. After their loss to the UIA, many discarded their beliefs in stoicism and last resort aggression.

The Banxili average between 6’3" and 8+’ in height. They weigh between 150kg and 400kg. They are mammalian and are covered in short fur with a natural coloration range of black, white, piebald, golden, shades of brown, and in some cases red. They usually have a broad and muscular build, their faces and resembling a stunted merging of rodent and wolf, and have stumped tails. They are a omnivorous race, that leans heavily toward plants for nutrition.

Requirements: Str 14 Wis 14

Bonus: One free martial art style/artisan focus

The Wombaz – A race of highly energetic and inquisitive tinkerers/inventors. The Wombaz are all innately skilled in science and technology. They were once manipulated and used as near slaves by the UIA and other Galactic organizations, due to their obsessive compulsions and gullibility, but eventually rebelled and carved out their own home sector and place in the Galaxy.

The Wombaz average between 3’ and 4’ in height, and usually weigh no more than 50kg. They are mammalian and are covered in middle-length fur that is usually colored in almost tribal looking patterns that is often naturally colored, but many Wombaz enjoy using permadyes to create a more wild and unnatural aesthetic. The have long semi-erect ears and faces more reminiscent of a fox or cat. Their tails measure around a fourth of their body length and are not prehensile. The Wombaz are primarily carnivorous, preferring a pescatarian focused diet.

Requirements: Dex 14 Int 14

Bonus: Once per day re-roll any failed roll involving repairing any machinery or computers.

The Kloanii – The Kloanii are a transdimensional race of pure energy. Their history is still shrouded in mystery. They originate in a separate universe bound by rival physics and can only survive in our universe through the use of metal-alloy suits. If removed from the suits the universe almost immediately attempts to reject them, much like a foreign cell in a host body, and send them back to their home dimension.

The Kloanii themselves look like contained lightning or halogen and are only bound in shape by their energy output, some have been said to be able to expand, outside of their containment suit, to the size of a moon. They usually try to limit their suits size to no larger than a small mech. Kloanii suits can look like anything, some biped or quadruped, adorned with different colored materials and artistic embellishments. Kloanii are required to absorb about 1-2kg worth of carbon, silica, and iron a day in order to maintain their energy homeostasis.

Requirements: Int 14 Wis 14

Bonus: Kloanii can pass through solid objects when not contained within their suits. They also have a 60m fly speed and can interact with computers and electronic systems without tools. The drawback to this being that every two rounds they are outside of their suit, they have a 50% chance of being shot back to their home universe.

The Vulfkern – The Vulfkern are a strange hybrid alien race that used to serve the Entropists are shock troops due to their size, hardiness, and biological design for combat. They are still currently trying to find a system to claim for their own, in hopes of learning to exist out of the warzone. Many Vulfkern have taken up residence on ARK ships, seeking uncharted and habitable worlds. Other Vulfkern have become capable bounty hunters and enforcers on all sides of the Galactic Divide.

Vulfkern average between 5’4" and 6’6". The females are usually larger than the males weighing in at an average 100kg to the the male 70kg. Vlulfkern have canine like heads with three pairs of UV glowing eyes and an insectoid exo-skelton. Their hands end in sharp scythe like fingers as do their feet. Carapace blades also extend from their knees and elbows. Their have insectoid wings, similar to dragonflies, that give them the limited ability of flight, depending on gravitational and weather conditions. Their skin and wings take on the spectrum of greens, blues, purples, and in some cases dark reds. Vulfkern eat only animal protein or synthesized meat protein. They also tend to travel in the hundreds to thousands, in order to maintain contact and protect what is left of their dwindled population

Requirements: Str 14 Con 14

Bonuses: Flight for 10 rounds every 6 hours unless in low gravity. Hands and feet do 1d4 Lethal damage. Elbows and knees do 1d6 Lethal at -1 to hit, unless character has martial arts training. Has permanent dark vision, due to UV based eyes.

Drawbacks: Non-energy armor costs 4x due to design requirements. -1 on all physical rolls in anything above dim light without eye-shields. Can not properly wield tools/equipment unless the tool is reinforced or the Vulfkern is wearing special gloves.

The Luciferi – The confidence men, storytellers, and bureaucrats of the Glactic. Hailing from a culture that defines morality as what is in one’s personal best interest, The Luciferi can be found working and aiding all manner of characters on all sides of conflict. The fact that they tend to be naturally charming and incredibly well-spoken doesn’t hurt.

Luciferi are only slightly larger than the average human, but they tend to have colored skin ranging from onyx to deep red to yellow, all shades in between, and in some cases and dark green. Some have horns that protrude from varying places at the top of their skull. Their eyes match that of a feline, with black or red sclera, and a wide range of iris colors. Some have fangs, some do not. Some Luciferi have been known to have near-useless vestigial wings, and pointed tails. Luciferi are actually herbivores, and most detest the idea of killing another sentient creature for food.

Requirements: Int 14 Cha 14

Bonus: Luciferi can speak any language. After 5 rounds of study, they can pick up on how a foreign language works and talk as if fluent.

Drawback: The downside is that their fluency only works for verbal communication, and not reading or writing, which will still require study and linguistics rolls.

Playable Races

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