The Galaxy is strange, lone place.

You Have Selected "Where the Hell am I?"
Infranet Kiosk Post Tex-Valdez #000

2672 AT (After Terra)

It has been thousands of years since [Humanity] (5 CR) began their intergalactic colonization. [Earth] (see Terra), [Terra] (5 CR) as it is known in [The Galactic] (5 CR), was left as a demolished wasteland. It would not be the last decimated planet humanity would leave in their wake.

>Would you like more information?< [Sea of Dust] (10 CR)

Through travel and investigation, ingenuity and adaptability, humans quickly staked their claim in the intergalactic community.

But, Humans are ambitious and self-driven, which led to countless wars and skirmishes over resources and habitable territory. The first being the [Banxili Wars] (5 CR), followed by the [Wombaz Rebellion] (5 CR), and the [Entropist Push] (25 CR). Through conflict, alliances and balance were forged, creating a vast interweaving universe that had never been seen by recorded history.

In 1654 AT, that came to a halt. The existing police and political force in the galaxy, the [UIA] (1 CR) {United Intergalactic Alliance} , an organization of numerous planets and species, hit their first wall in centuries along their mission to civilize and homogenize the galaxy with their own brand of law and bureaucracy.

On [Vorax Minor] (20 CR), a backwater harvest planet >Now Capital Planet of the [ILS] (10 CR) {Intergalactic Liberation State}< along the outer sectors, the first shot of the [Destinty War] (10 CR) was fired. [Bishilup Thrakor] (20 CR), a retired UIA captain, killed four UIA soldiers after they publicly executed his son [Literis Thrakor] (5 CR) for desertion and sedition.

What followed was a war over ideals and law that would continue for over a thousand years, span almost the whole of the charted Galactic, and effect all known life. The war hit a stalemate in 2450 AT. The UIA’s superior technology and wealth failed to overcome the strategy and furious dogma of the ILS after hundreds of years of conflict. In 2451, [High General Edmond Frankle] (15 CR) and [Battle Sage Marv Gordon] (15 CR) met for the [Anathame Accord] (15 CR). The stagnation of the war had both sides slowly rotting. The UIA was losing wealth due to disrupted trade routes and a populous that was steadily embracing insurrection. The ILS was seeing a loss of civilians to disease and defection due to the heavy technology embargoes and the UIA’s use of planetary [dusting]s (20/2,000 CR). The Anathame Accord set in place the framework for The [Demilitarized Sector Rim] (20 CR). The entire dividing rim of star sectors, 1^3 sectors in size, was deemed neutral and turned into a free market region staving off the difficulties faced by both sides.

You are in the [Anathame Sector] (300 CR) on the planet of [Tex-Valdez] (5 CR), which is currently [NATIVE] (5 CR) classified. Tex-Valdez is a former corporate held planet, used as a trade hub and harvest site. Around the time of the Anathame Accord, the planet was donated to the DMS as a move to gain favor and tax credit with the UIA. Tex-Valdez houses three spaceports and about two dozen small cities, outposts, and homesteads.

You are currently accessing this [Infranet] (5 CR) terminal in the spaceport of [Nexum] (15 CR). This spaceport is a freehold. It is run by [REDACTED] (3000 CR 50%). The other spaceports are [Valisa] (15 CR) and [Kroak] (15 CR).

Your TERMINAL SESSION is about to EXPIRE. Please insert (5/10/20 CR).





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